Three Alternatives to Using Two Men and a Truck Miami

Miami FloridaTwo Men and a Truck is one of the biggest moving companies in the industry with over 380 franchisees worldwide and over 3,000 trucks on the road.

Planning and coordinating a move can cause a lot of stress, you want a moving company that can provide you with a stress-free moving experience and a local, independent moving company can do just that. Local moving companies can provide you with personalized care and have local knowledge of moving in Miami. If you would be more interested in using a local, family and independently owned moving company here are three alternatives to hiring Two Men and A Truck:

Morales Moving & Storage- Address: 13200 NW 38th Court Miami, FL 33054 / Phone Number: (305) 576-7000 / Website:

American Fargo Moving & Storage- Address: 3353 NW 74th Ave Miami, FL 33122 / Phone Number: (800) 920-8577 / Website: 

Miami Movers & Storage– Address: 142 SW 6th Ave Miami, FL 33130 / Phone Number: (305) 547-9856 / Website:

There are so many benefits that come along with choosing a local, independent moving company in Miami over a large, franchised corporation. Here we will talk about just of few of those benefits.

Personal, High-Quality Customer Service

The local moving companies mentioned above are either family-owned, independently-owned or both. Choosing to go with this kind of moving company can give you services a step above Two Men and a Truck.

By choosing to use someone who owns a family-owned moving company, you are going with someone who has invested in making this business their own and they want to ensure that you receive the best in customer service throughout your entire moving process.

This also goes along with being independently-owned as well. Independently-owned means that they are not operating as a franchise owner who ultimately represents a worldwide brand. With the companies mentioned, their brand is their own and they take pride in providing professional, top-rated moving and storage solutions.

They also can provide you with the same moving services as Two Men and a Truck and can even go beyond them. They provide the same services such as local moving, long-distance moving, packing services, short and long-term storage options etc.

Years of Experience Moving in Miami

Morales Mover packing up a home

Two Men and a Truck says on their website that they have over 35 years of experience in the moving industry, the catch is, that this does not mean that the specific location you choose to go with also has that kind of experience to back up their services. While one franchise may be owned by someone with moving experience, another may not have much at all.

With local moving companies, like the ones previously mentioned, you can guarantee that they have years of experience in the moving industry, not only that, but in most cases this will mean specific moving experience in the Miami area.

The advantage of this is that they understand any challenges or complications that could arise during your move in or out of greater Miami. These movers understand Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties well, they will know the best routes for getting you moved quickly, any parking regulations you may need to abide by and can also have local connections in the area for other services like realtors, contractors, repair shops etc. These businesses are locals who know the area and know how to get you moved, quickly and safely.

Why You Should Hire A Local Moving Company Over Two Men and A Truck

Two Men and a Truck is well-known throughout the United States, this does not mean though, that they are ultimately the best choice for your Miami move. By going with local, family-owned and/or independently owned moving companies like Morales Moving & Storage, American Fargo Moving & Storage and Miami Movers & Storage, you will be provided with a moving experience that guarantees top-quality personal customer service by an experienced team that understands any challenges that may come with a greater Miami move.