Three Alternatives to U-Haul Miami

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U-Haul is becoming more and more of a popular choice for moving, but is it the best choice? For a truly stress-free moving experience, you need the help of a moving company with the experience and know-how to make things simple for you.

For a great move, we recommend:

Morales Moving & Storage – Address: 13200 NW 38th Court Miami, FL 33054 / Phone Number: (305) 576-7000 / Website:

American Fargo Moving & Storage – Address: 3353 NW 74th Ave Miami, FL 33122 / Phone Number: (800) 920-8577 / Website:

Miami Movers & Storage – Address: 142 SW 6th Ave Miami, FL 33130 / Phone Number: (305) 547-9856 / Website:

There are a lot of benefits that come from using a local, full-service moving company to make your relocation seamless. Here are some of the benefits:

Full-Service Moving Services

The most obvious difference between U-Haul and these professional movers is that professional movers provide labor services. U-Haul does work with a network of companies that you can contract out for specific services, but with a full-service professional moving company, you get every aspect of your move taken care of.

Warehouse Storage vs Self-Storage

U-Haul does offer storage options, but storing with U-Haul is different than storing with a professional moving company.

With U-Haul, your items will be stored in a self-storage unit. That is compared to a professional moving company, which would store your items in a warehouse.

Here are some key differences between self-storage and warehouse storage:

  • Warehouse storage comes with more space, especially in terms of height, since you aren’t restricted to a unit.
  • Movers will pack your items and bring them to the warehouse for you.
  • Self-storage has a higher risk of damage to your items from pests or water.
  • All warehouse storage comes with climate-control, as opposed to only some storage units having such.

For more info on the differences, check out our blog on Self-Storage vs Warehouse Storage for an in-depth look.


For your move, you want to be sure no items get damaged. Sadly, when renting a truck through U-Haul, you are putting your items at risk. A full-service moving company will pack your items and load them on your truck for you, meaning that they can carefully handle your items so that no damage can occur.

Valuation and Insurance Coverage

With U-Haul you have to purchase insurance or else you won’t have any coverage. With a professional moving company, you will get free partial valuation, which will cover a portion of the cost of your items in case of damage. You will also have the option to purchase complete replacement coverage.

Moving Heavy Items

two movers moving a home display caseWhile professional movers may make loading and unloading look simple, the truth is that it’s not as easy as it may appear. If you’re not a professional who is trained to carry boxes and items the right way and do so consistently, your body may be pretty beat up afterward, not to mention there is an art to packing the truck to avoid shifting and damage.

If you have any large, cumbersome items, you should definitely consider calling in professional movers. There is a definite risk of injury that comes with moving large items.

Final Thoughts

U-Haul presents themselves as the cheap, simple option. The problem is that they have stripped away a ton of useful services to streamline what they offer, and to do so on the cheap. It ends up being a ton of work for you with the drawback of potential damage to your items and even to yourself during the loading, shipping, and unloading processes.

For a truly great move with everything you need, go with one of our professional moving company alternatives.