Three Alternatives to All My Sons Moving and Storage Miami


Morales Mover packing up a homeWhen searching for “Movers Near Me” in Miami, FL, All My Sons is sure to be one of the first websites of moving companies you will find. Though they rank well and are a well-known brand, this does not automatically mean that they are the best choice for your move.

Any kind of move tends to be overwhelming and stressful, so hiring the right moving company is crucial in saving you both time and stress. By hiring a local, family and independently-owned moving company, a local who understands the area and has decades of experience in the moving industry, you will receive top-quality moving services that we think are a step above the well-known franchises.

If you would be more interested in working with a truly local moving company, here are three alternatives to All My Sons Moving and Storage:

Morales Moving & Storage- Address: 13200 NW 38th Court, Miami, FL 33054 / Phone Number: (305) 576-7000 / Website:

American Fargo Moving & Storage- Address: 3353 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL 33122 / Phone Number: (800) 920-8577 / Website:

Miami Movers & Storage– Address: 142 SW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33130 / Phone Number: (305) 547-9856 / Website:

Hiring a local, independent moving company we believe comes with an array of benefits over choosing a large, franchised corporation. Below are just some of those benefits:

Family-Owned and Independently-Owned

The first of many benefits of the alternatives mentioned above is that they are family-owned, independently-owned or both. Being independent of a national brand gives these companies a better opportunity to give you services and customer service that is a step above All My Sons.

Working with someone who owns a family-owned moving company, you are going with someone who has invested in making this business their own and, as this brand ultimately represents themselves, they strive to provide you the best of the best when it comes to moving and storage solutions.

They also can provide you with all the same moving services as All My Sons and can even go beyond them. Their services entail local moving, long-distance moving, packing services, short and long-term storage options etc.

Local Knowledge of Moving in Miami

Miami Florida skyline

Though All My Sons as a whole company has years of moving experience, this can vary depending on which location you choose to work with. It is hard to find what experience your movers may have if you decide to work with All My Sons, this is not the case though with the alternative movers mentioned above.

Local moving companies can easily prove that they have decades of experience in the moving industry, and what sets this apart from All My Sons, is that these moving companies have all this knowledge specifically in moving in Miami.

This proves to be a tremendous benefit as this means that your movers understand the challenges that may arise when moving in Miami. This knowledge could be knowing the best routes to get you and your items moved quickly and efficiently, having local connections to services like painters, contractors, realtors and so much more, as well as knowledge of any regulations that may be in the area you are moving to.

Local moving companies have in-depth knowledge of the area and have decades of experience to back up their expertise.

Why You Should Go With a Local Moving Company

By going with local, family-owned and independently owned moving companies like Morales Moving & Storage, American Fargo Moving & Storage or Miami Movers & Storage, over All My Sons, you will have a moving experience that guarantees top-quality personal customer service by an experienced team who knows Miami.