Self Storage vs Warehouse Storage

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Looking at storage options can bring about a lot of questions when it comes to deciding between self-storage vs warehouse storage. At Morales Moving & Storage we offer warehouse storage for both personal items and business inventory.

Our storage facility includes:

  • 26,000 square foot warehouse facility
  • Short-term and long-term storage
  • Climate-controlled
  • Monitored with an alarm system and closed-circuit TV with DVR
  • Constructed to withstand inclement weather
  • Military secure and certified warehouse

You can trust us at Morales Moving & Storage with your items because:

  • Providing moving and storage services since 1986
  • Members of the American Trucking Association Moving & Storage Conference as well as an affiliated agent of Atlas Van Lines

If you are looking to use Morales Moving & Storage for your storage needs, contact us at (305) 576-7000 or by filling out our free quote form.

Self-Storage vs. Warehouse Storage

Self-Storage vs. Warehouse Storage

When it comes to deciding whether to go with self-storage or warehouse storage, you may be unsure of what the difference is between the two.

Self-storage is the typical storage unit you see along the highway where you can store your personal items and only you have access to them. Warehouse storage can be used by businesses to store extra inventory, those looking to store large valuable items such as cars or boats, and those just looking to store some extra things cluttering their home.

With both comes different benefits.


Benefits of Self-Storage

If you are looking for something to hold just some of your non-valuable items, self-storage could be a good option.

Some benefits of self-storage include:

  • Easy access to your things. Since you have the key to your unit, you can access it on your own.
  • Your items are in an enclosed storage unit.
  • Self-storage units are typically in a gated area with security.


Benefits of Warehouse Storage

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using warehouse storage as well.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Can provide storage for your business’ inventory.
  • Short-term or long-term storage plans
  • Can store personal items that may not fit in self-storage spaces such as boats.
  • Insurance to cover any possibility of theft.
  • The warehouses are gated and secured.
  • Business Storage for those looking to store extra inventory.


Our Storage Services

At Morales Moving & Storage, we can store whatever you need whether it be a few personal items, your entire home, or your business inventory. With our 26,000 square-foot facility you can rest assured knowing that your items are kept safe and secure.

Our warehouse storage facility offers:

Short-term and long-term storage options

  • Climate-controlled warehouse space with fans to keep your items free from damage due to the Florida humidity.
  • Monitored security with an alarm system and closed-circuit TV with DVR.
  • Construction to withstand the inclement weather being built at dock height and to withstand 172 mph winds.
  • A military secure and certified warehouse.


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Whether you need short or long-term storage solutions for whatever it may be, Morales Moving & Storage can ensure your items will be safe. Contact us at (305) 576-7000 or by filling out our free quote form.