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At Morales Moving & Storage, we aim to provide you a seamless experience when relocating your piano. Our services include:

  • Piano Disassembly and Assembly
  • Residential and Commercial Piano Moving Services
  • Piano Moving Equipment

Customers choose reliable and professional piano movers like us because:

  • We have years of experience in the moving and storage industry
  • We use clean equipment and protective gear for your items
  • We can provide quick, easy estimates
  • We are licensed and fully insured

Want to know more about how we can help you move your heavy piano? Contact us by filling out our quote form to receive your free estimate and book your piano relocation as soon as possible! Just call on Morales Moving & Storage today at (305) 576-7000.

Piano Movers

Moving a piano needs special tools and training to get the job done safely and swiftly. Much like moving other specialty items, few moving companies can efficiently handle a piano relocation.

At Morales Moving & Storage, we take the time to fully train our staff on the appropriate skills for a specialty move as complex as a piano transfer. Equipped with the tools and knowledge to safely haul and load these tricky objects, our team has the moving experience to swiftly move your item without injury or damage to you and your property.

Once your piano is safely at your new location, you and your wallet will be happy you hired the pros.

Piano Moving Services

With their complex parts, pianos can be very tricky to move. The Morales Moving & Storage team is experienced in:

  • Piano Moving Equipment: Our movers come equipped with hand trucks, blankets, and other protective wrapping gear to prepare your piano for the journey ahead.
  • Piano Disassembly/Assembly Services: We carefully remove and protect each part of your piano to avoid damages during the move. Once your piano has safely arrived at its destination, our piano movers will unwrap the piano lid, lyre, music rack, legs, and other components to reassemble in its new place.
  • Residential & Commercial Piano Moving Services: We’ll move your organ, upright, or baby grand piano wherever it needs to go, local or long distance. You can rest assured that your keys are safe with Morales Moving & Storage.

What to Expect During Your Piano Move Day

When you hire professional movers from Morales Moving & Storage, they are prepared with the knowledge and expertise to carefully move your piano. You can have peace of mind knowing that it is secure throughout the packaging and moving process. Our team can even store your piano in our climate-controlled warehouse for safekeeping.

How We Move Your Piano:

  • Remove and package components separately
  • Wrap, pad, and protect the instrument
  • Load the piano, carefully, onto the hand cart
  • Secure the piano in the moving truck/van or container
  • Safely transport to new location
  • Reassemble at the new destination
  • Evaluate and assess
  • Our professional moving team takes the utmost care when as we wrap and lift the piano, ensuring its safety and protection the whole time.

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If you’re looking for piano movers in the South Florida area, hire the pros! Contact Morales Moving & Storage by phone at (305) 576-7000 or use our online quote form to get a quote today.

Did you know...?

Can I Store My Items During a Move?

Yes! Your moving company will be happy to take your items to their warehouse storage. To make storing your belongings easy, look for a full-service moving company that provides warehouse storage with climate-control and 24/7 surveillance.

With warehouse storage, your movers will pack up your items, load them up in their truck, store them in their warehouse, then deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. In fact, for those with a full house, storage can be even easier with On-Demand Storage options.

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