Local Moving Miami Checklist

Quick Read

Getting ready to move to or within Miami and are unsure of where to start? Let our Local Moving Miami Checklist get you ready for moving day. Know exactly what you need to do and when, during the process such as:

  • Selecting your moving company
  • Decluttering and packing
  • Cancelling utilities and subscriptions

We want to help your Miami move go smoothly and be stress-free so you can get settled into your home. Contact us today at (305) 765-7000 or use our online form here to get a quote.

Preparing to move to Miami can be an exciting, and daunting, task all at once. With so many things that need to get done, it can be hard to keep track of everything. We highly recommend hiring a professional Miami moving company to help you.

A professional company will have friendly customer service to make your moving experience a smooth and hassle-free one. To help keep your stress low, we’ve compiled a moving checklist to prepare for your upcoming local move.

Before Your Local Miami Move

If you’re planning to hire a professional moving company to help your move go smoothly, you should start researching companies anywhere from 1-3 months before your move. This gives you plenty of time to research the best Miami area moving company, get multiple quotes and book your move. Look for local movers with:

  • The services you need
  • A Better Business Bureau rating
  • Federal and state license and insurance
  • Superior customer reviews

Ask about their scheduling, what happens if they damage property or belongings and what the estimated timeline is. They should also ask you a few questions to get you the right quote and prepare for your move accordingly.

One Month Until Your Move

The big day is only a month away! Now is the time to get any necessary paperwork and important transfers out of the way. These can include:

  • Update your address with the post office, banks and any creditors or subscriptions.
  • Start any transfer paperwork for children’s schools.
  • Set cancellation dates for utility companies.
  • Check insurance information and make any changes.
  • Schedule utilities for your new home.
  • Begin packing non-essentials to ease the process.

This is also the time to declutter. Go through as many of your belongings as possible to donate or sell. See if your local community is holding a community garage or yard sale. If you have a storage unit, you may want to go through and declutter it, too. You may find items you need or things that will help during the moving process.

Two Weeks Until Move

Time flies when you have a lot to do, but you’re almost there. At the two week mark be sure to:

  • Confirm cancellation dates for current utilities and set up dates for the new utilities.
  • Purchase any additional packing supplies, like tape and moving boxes.
  • Make necessary arrangements for kids and pets.

This is also the time to double down on packing, unless your moving company offers packing services. You may be living out of boxes for a bit, but this extra time allows you to create an organized list and be tidy with packing.

One Week Before Your Local Miami Move

The day is almost here! In the week leading up to your move:

  • Confirm your move date and reservations with the moving company or truck rental.
  • Store important documents in one secure place.
  • Let friends and family know your new address.
  • Empty cupboards and clean your old home.

On the day before your move, make a trip to the ATM and grab additional cash for emergencies, buy snacks and water for the moving day and pack any last boxes. You should also make a plan for who is going to receive the moving truck at the new home. If your moving truck is going directly to your new residence, there will need to be an adult present to receive and inventory the goods.

Moving Day

The time has come to finally move into your new home! If you’ve packed a specific moving bag, be sure to have that with you. A few items you will need to have are:

  • Extra cash in case of emergency
  • The keys to your new home
  • Any important documents

If you have kids or pets, make sure that your plans are prepared and they are safe as you focus on getting the house packed up and moved.

When the day of your move arrives, if you’re using a professional company, be sure to talk with your moving team. They may have some questions regarding delicate items or staircases that you’ll need to answer. Walkthrough your inventory with the movers, then let them work and get everything loaded onto the moving truck.

Once everything is loaded, review the documents before signing the bill of lading for the Miami moving company. After the truck is on its way, do a final walkthrough of the old house before heading to your new home. Sometimes you may need to have a representative at the destination, so arrange that ahead of time.

After you get to your new home, be sure to double-check the bill of lading before your movers leave. Take any photos, should there be damages, and discuss it with the moving company office.

Settling Into Your Home

Now that you’re in your new home, it’s time to settle in and relax. Make any appointments to get licenses and vehicle registrations updated. You can take the time to meet your neighbors, learn about your new neighborhood and experience living in a new part of Miami. If you follow our checklist your local Miami move should be quick and stress-free.