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Going Green: A New Commitment

Our decision to create a unique environmental solution has triggered a wide commitment to completely change the way we work to benefit the environment both in our everyday business practice and the services offered to our customers. An objective of our Environmental Management System is to reduce the waste and pollution generated by our commercial activities.This includes:

Effective Waste Management

Morales has detailed procedures for the disposal or re-cycling of packing materials such as cardboard, wood and paper, as well as recycling plastic cups, printer cartridges and other office materials.

Use of Fuel and Energy

Morales has reviewed the fuel-efficiency of all its vehicles, and has improved the maintenance procedures in order to minimize emissions and achieve maximum fuel-efficiency. The use of energy at our site and in our offices is being continually reviewed and appropriate procedures to reduce our use of electricity and other public utilities have and will be introduced.

Environmental Impairment

We reviewed everything from the liquids we use to clean our vehicles and drainage, through to the way we store and manage fuel in our truck. New systems and procedures have been and will be put in place to minimize the impact that activities like these have on the environment.

Awareness and Training

New policy, system and procedures involve every member of our team. Besides training for existing and new recruits, we have internal auditors who check our performance and achievements and make sure our Environmental Management System continues to represent current best practice.

Re-use and Recycling Solutions

Morales Moving has created a new portfolio of services that allows our clients to dispose of unwanted products in an environmentally friendly manner with seamless integration into the business relocation or expansion project.

Office furniture

As a mover, Morales is able to offer a comprehensive office furniture “Green Solution.” An office move often requires the disposal of redundant furniture, as companies rethink, re plan and refit their work space. We provide our clients with the opportunity to re-use or recycle furniture rather than send it to landfill. Furniture that can be repaired or refurbished will be re-used, and items that are badly damaged will be re-manufactured.

Computers and IT Equipment

Morales can provide you with a Safe and Professional IT Disposal Service to re-use or recycle your unwanted computers and IT equipment. The service includes:

  • Re-use, or if re-use is not possible, the complete recycling of unwanted PCs, monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice, cabling and peripherals
  • Guaranteed 100% data erasure in-line with the current federal law
  • Full compliance with all waste regulations and legislation

We Are Committed to Our Environmental Goals:

  • ​Adopting the highest environmental standards in the moving industry.
  • Reducing any waste and pollution that is generated by our commercial activities.
  • Actively promoting recycling or reuse of materials, whether they are generated by ourselves or our customers.
  • Ensuring the disposal of unusable waste is safe and minimizes any long-term environmental impact.
  • Conserving resources across our operations.
  • Maintaining our buildings to minimize their impact on the local environment.
  • Working closely with our suppliers and contractors to share our goals and minimize the impact on the environment of our shared operations.
  • Making sure all our company vehicles are designed and maintained to achieve maximum fuel-efficiency and minimum emissions.
  • Raising the awareness of our Team members and encouraging their ongoing involvement in our environmental improvements by providing information, instruction and training.

What Does the Green Solution Mean to You When you Expand or Relocate?

​The peace of mind of knowing you are dealing with a reliable, national service provider with rigorous commitments to and solutions for environmental issues. ​A range of green moving services to help your business meet its environmental and corporate social responsibility targets and aspirations.

​An opportunity for your business to make a difference to the environment.

​You can be actively engaged in your contribution to environmental issues. Our green moving services can help you or your company to actively promote its green credentials in the external and internal communication plans. ​An Eco friendly moving solution seamlessly integrated within your relocation or expansion project.

Did you know...?

How Do I Know Which Movers are Trustworthy?

With how big the moving industry is, it can be pretty difficult to determine who the best moving company is for you. Here are some of the key things to look for when researching a moving company:

  • Badges: Look to see if they have any certifications or if they are accredited by the BBB. These will also show you if they have won any awards for top service.
  • Experience: You may want to avoid movers that are relatively new. Experience is key to a good move. This could be listed anywhere on the site, but the most surefire location is in their About Us page.
  • Reviews: Find online reviews. If a moving company has less than a 4-star average rating on their Google Reviews, there is most likely an issue there.
  • Family-Owned and Operated: This is always a big plus. Not only will this help you avoid shady moving companies, but it will also help you avoid ones that are too big to genuinely care about your move.

The only way to know for sure is to do in-depth research. As you narrow down your list, look more and more into these aspects of the company to find the best one for you.

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