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Concierge Storage

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When you need temporary storage solutions or don’t have the time to pack up your things, rent a truck, and haul all your items to a traditional self-storage unit, concierge storage offers the perfect solution. At Morales Moving & Storage, we offer to pick up your belongings and drop them off to you whenever you need.

Our concierge storage services include:

  • Delivery of any packing materials needed or we can pack up your belongings for you
  • Pickup and storing of your belongings
  • Inventory of your items in storage

Our customers choose us to store their items because:

  • We have been a trusted moving and storage company since 1986
  • We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • We are family-owned and operated

If you need your items stored for a couple of days or a couple of months, you can give Morales Moving & Storage of Miami a call today at (305) 576-7000 or fill out our free quote form.

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When you need to store some of your items, it can be a hassle trying to figure out how to get them there and even how you are going to be able to pick them up when you need them. Concierge storages take the hassle out of storing by coming to you to pack up and store your belongings and deliver whatever items you need whenever you need them.

Concierge Storage Services

Morales Moving & Storage of Miami has been providing expert and trustworthy moving and storage solutions since 1986. We want to make your storing process as easy as possible and cater to your needs.

The services we offer for concierge storage include:

  • Pickup: You have the option to pack up your own belongings, with packing materials we can deliver to you, or you can have our professional movers pack up your belongings and bring them to our secure, climate-controlled warehouse facility.
  • Inventory: We keep an inventory of all your items in storage, so if you need just a few specific items we can take them out and bring them straight to you.
  • Storage: We provide short and long-term storage solutions so however long you need your belongings to be stored, we can accommodate.
  • Delivery: Whether it be one or two items or everything you are storing with us, just give us a call and we will get your items delivered to you.

Our goal is to make your storage process stress-free and easy, with Morales Moving & Storage, our professional movers take care of the entire process for you.

Get Started with Our Concierge Storage Services

Storing your items should be easy. With Morales Moving & Storage of Miami, our concierge storage solutions can take care of the packing, storing, and delivery of your items. For more information give us a call today at (305) 576-7000 or fill out our free quote form.

Did you know...?

What is a Moving Valuation?

This is coverage for your belongings that financially protects them when lost or damaged. Most moving companies offer different levels of valuation and some offer separate liability coverage. All established movers will offer a level of free valuation, and then you can pay for extra protection. That cost will be based on the weight and value of your items. Speak with your moving representative to learn more about moving valuation, or insurance.

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