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Document Storage

Morales Moving uses state of the art software technology with an innovative shelving system that will allow your document storage boxes to be easily accessible and secure.

Here at Morales, we take our security very seriously when it comes to Document storage. The rise in privacy concern and the resulting laws have made confidential and safe document storage a main focus for many companies. We have been fortunate enough to win bids from the Department of Defense and Miami Dade County and adhere to their very strict security standards.

Our secure storage facility is gated and monitored 24 hours a day with an alarm system and closed circuit TV (DVR) which is monitored around the clock. We are located in an industrial park right next to an airport where multitude of federal and local law enforcement officers patrol at all hours to keep the area secure.

All our field and warehouse personnel have been with us for more than 10 years, and we perform annual background checks and random drug tests. Confidentiality and privacy are our #1 priority with document storage, and only authorized personnel are ever allowed into the facility. We have a disaster prevention and recovery program in place, and our records are backed up online in real time with an acclaimed backup company.

Our inventory management software can track your documents down to the file. This allows for expedited retrieval when you need your document. We offer up to eight options for retrieving or requesting items for the records center to best serve your unique needs.

When you are ready for your documents to be destroyed, we also have the capability to securely SHRED them. Our secure document destruction process ensures none of your private or confidential information is ever made public. Please contact us to learn more.  

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